Our Story

Our passion is to connect the present with the past
Old Stone Spring House

Bringing History to Life

We love old things and the stories these old things have to tell. We work hard to reclaim and restore the past by taking down old barns and reselling the old wood and stone so you can have a little piece of history.


Reusing these old things not only adds authenticity to your home and backyard but also helps to save the environment. Buying reclaimed wood and stone will save the landfills and preserve history for generations to come.

We have reclaimed stone from the early 1800s to 1930.

Providing Portals From The Present to the Past

Our reclaimed stone and wood connect you to the past. Put your hand on a piece of history, and fall in love with these timeless goods. 

We hope to be supplying these incredible artifacts for many years to come. Whether it’s a cabin from 1922, or a barn from 1847, these portals to the past provide unique building materials that are truly timeless.