Old Wood

This beautiful reclaimed barn wood comes in many styles and textures. Oak, maple, walnut, and elm are available to make everything from furniture to flooring. All wood can be kiln-dried on request.

Wood Flooring

Our reclaimed barn wood can be turned into engineered wood flooring that will make your kitchen or dining room look stunning. Putting the right stain on the wood will bring out the natural grain and texture. Considering how long this wood has been around it is sure to last for many more generations. 


These old barn beams make the perfect mantle for a cozy fire place. We have all kinds of different shapes and sizes and sometimes we even have beautiful live edge pieces in stock. Contact us for our current inventory. 

Reclaimed Beams

Add a sense of history and awe to your home by using these historical hand-hewn beams as decor accents or a fireplace mantle. Beams can be cut to meet your size specifications. Contact us for our current selection of reclaimed barn beams

Weathered Siding

Our barn siding has been through years of weather and use, and is ready to be used even longer for your next creative or building project. This wood has a texture and look only decades of being exposed to the elements can give. Contact us today for our current stock of reclaimed weathered siding. 

Ready to bring history to life?

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